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Is it really free?

Yes, 100% free.

This service was built to enable designers to make use of the so far unused free design protection right, called unregistered community design. This protection right requires you to disclose your design in a way, that the interested circles could be aware of the design. Designprotection generates and archives your evidence of disclosure. Disclosed designs remain unchanged and you receive a document of disclosure with the necessary proof of date, reach and content of disclosure. This service is free and will remain free.

The span of protection increases by the usage of this website. We warmly welcome every designer, who is using this service in the early stage. Every disclosed design helps not only you but the whole designer community. We say thank you to every website owner, who is adding our widget or links to us. And we are working to partner with professional associations. They can actually improve design protection for their members with the minimal effort of adding the widget code. We make that happen.

If you want to support our concern, don't send money but

And first of all - register yourself, it takes just 60 seconds. Thank you.

PS. Is there a reason for not registering now? Send us an email.