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Basics of design protection

What is a design?

A design is the outward appearance of a product. This can be a webdesign, a piece of furniture, a house, a logo and many other things.

How are designs protected?

In Europe designs are protected by national and international rights. Design rights can be registered, e.g. at the Office of Harmonization, or unregistered.

What's special about the unregistered design right?

This design right protects your design against copying for 3 years and it is free. All it takes is to publish your design in a way, “that the interested circles operating within the Community could reasonably be aware of the design.”

Is there a catch?

Retrospectively you need to be able to proof exactly, when you published which details in what form. A self-made screenshot will merely pass these requirements, just like publications on websites, that do not provide a modification lock.

What's the advantage of

After you disclosed your design on, it can not be edited or modified. Additionally you receive a document of disclosure, which contains all the detailled information about what was published when and where. That way you can proove exactly the details of disclosure for your unregistered Community design.